BSPS @ Wakakirri!

Congratulations to our amazing Wakakirri team of students, teachers, and parents. Your skills in dance, drama, public speaking, art, hair, make-up, stage-handing and so much more were essential in getting us there. This year, we earned awards for participation, public speaking, the spirit of Wakakirri, and the social media competition for our week – what a buzz!

Extended cut: includes video of our performance and speakers:

Highlights: photos only

Athletics Carnival 2017

On Thursday, Belmore South held our annual Athletics Carnival. Races were run, novelties were fun, and happy faces were everywhere. What a fantastic day!



On Tuesday 26th July, Ms Rhodes and Ms Filacouridis lead our staff in Teacher Professional Learning in the area of Numeracy. We examined the importance of developing place value knowledge to assist our students in gaining a deeper understanding of number concepts. We also explored how patterns in counting, grouping of tens and the position of digits is related to understanding the base ten structure of our numeration system. Teachers were involved in updating student performance data in our CAP (Celebrating Students’ Achievement and Performance) room and analysing the data to inform their practice. Teachers shared a repertoire of instructional strategies and are developing goal setting tools to assist our students to take ownership of their learning in numeracy.

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Maths in K Franklin

We are very proud of our learning in K Franklin this week. We have been learning to combine two groups of numbers and add them to find the total! We are even starting to keep numbers in our head and count on and then we can write number sentences. We always remember to check our answers with a buddy.


20160721_092638 20160721_092649

Swinging with the Show Tunes!

The choir attended the second workshop with the combined ‘Our Spectacular’ choir, and are singing some fantastic show tunes in two and three part harmony, with two of our choir members performing in a solo ensemble group. One more workshop, and they will be ready for their performance inside the Opera House in September. Well done!


S2 Bell Assembly item

This term, Stage 2 have been focusing on playing safely in the playground. Due to the weather some areas have been closed and some people didn’t know what games they could play without hurting anyone.

So we researched some games as a class. We have learnt some games that our parents played when they were younger and some that we had simply forgotten about! We created a video to show our knowledge and understanding on how the games are played. We hope to see you in the playground soon, playing a few of these games.

S2 Bell have also created posters to be displayed around the school. If you don’t know what games to play, you can always look at our posters!

Our posters:

capture the flag cop and robbers HENS AND CHICKS Hopscotch Hot lava kick the can laugh test Marbles Ninja Red light green light shadow tag


Thank you,

S2 Bell