Harmony Day is almost here! By Class Banks

Harmony Day is on 21 March, 2016 and it is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity. BSPS will be combining Harmony Day with Crazy Hat and Hair Day next Thursday (24 March).

Class Banks are preparing for Harmony Day by joining in activities that explore the ideas of belonging and inclusivity.

You can learn more about Harmony Day here.

Thank you to Ms F who worked with Banks students in creating a diversity display (see below).


Captured in the CAPA class!

So far in CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) students have been learning about sound and voices. We have learned that we have 4 voices (calling, speaking singing and whispering) which are made by vibrations in our vocal chords. We know that if we make instruments vibrate, by tapping, shaking, or plucking them, they have their own musical voices too. K-2 students have been using their voices to sing, learning the percussion instruments and how to make their ‘voices’ heard, moving to a beat, and becoming different animals to respond to music they hear.


3-6 students have been changing their voices to create entertaining musical effects and creating new verses to songs; and have used voice and movement to perform and adapt short skits. Finally, they have scientifically investigated how to make the vibrations in sound visible, by  making sugar/salt or rice ‘dance’ on a stretched plastic skin.


New BSPS Website Launched!

You might have noticed our school blog has had a makeover to get a new look. All the content you know and love have been moved into our new website. You’ll also find some new photographs of our school community and facilities, calendar, newsletters, policies and news updates directly from the DEC, and more. But we will continue to use our established blog to share student learning and celebrations, and our Facebook page for school updates. The link to our new website is at the top of the page, or go directly to www.belmoresth-p.schools.nsw.edu.au.


Ms Hionis’ Stage 1 ESL Group

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Ms Hionis’ Stage 1 ESL group have been learning about how Living and Non-Living things move. In this week’s lesson we experimented with some of our favourite toys by examining the way they moved. Sarika had to push and pull a toy car for the wheels to rotate thus enabling it to move. Kyhana had to pull a lever on “The Hulk’s” back for his arms to move and smash his fists together. Irfaan had to pull down on a lever for the dinosaur to open and close it’s mouth. Finally, Lana pulled the string from ‘Captain America’s’ shield for the round disk to propel and take off!

At the end of the lesson, the children discussed their findings and then wrote about it in their writing books.

K Gumnut is creative!

photo 2 (2) photo 1 (1) photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

K Gumnut has been learning about living things. We have read books about Australian animals including:

Possum in the House

Little Bat

Possum Magic

We created hanging possums using torn newspaper and crayon techniques to make fur. We had a lot of fun and we are proud of our artworks. You can see our possums hanging around outside the K Gumnut classroom.

By K Gumnut & Mrs Stevens

S3 Olive Write Letters of Encouragement to Despereaux

S3 Olive have been reading the book “The Tale Of Despereaux” by Kate DiCamillo. Despereaux, the mouse is a non-conformist and he finds himself in a predicament – he has fallen  in love with a human, Princess Pea. In doing so, Despereaux has broken the number one mouse rule of talking to humans. The entire mouse community and the Mouse Council have decided that he must be punished. As the ancient castle-mouse law decrees he is sent to the dungeon of darkness, the dungeon of rats.

S3 Olive wrote letters of advice and encouragement to Despereaux, from another character’s perspective.


Bamboo LOVED the Stage 1 Excursion!

This week, stage 1 have been attending excursions to the George’s River Environmental Education Centre, with a side-trip to Simmo’s Beach. Bamboo and Wattle went today (Monday), while Jacaranda and Violet go tomorrow (Tuesday).

We got to see, touch, and learn more animals (alive and once-living) and plants, build hides and attracted bird-life to view through our binoculars using bird-calls, and used nets to skim the river surface for lifeforms to inspect with our magnifying glasses. We even got to see a real live koala sleeping high in a tree near our lunch area!