Looking good Diala writes

We can see the difference through out our dance if you compare us from the start and all the way until the end. Also for the dance group people you MUST WEAR SCHOOL UNIFORM THEN CHANGE INTO YOUR CLOTHES. 😀 It is the day after tomorrow and I absolutely can’t wait! No one should be nervous or maybe if you are nervous a bit it is okay but remember act :mrgreen: like your’e just rehearsing by your self, no one is there , no on is laughing nothing. They are just cheering and clapping with joy. I wish good luck to everyone who will be dancing 😛 ( including myself ) , make sure you put in all your energy and you don’t talk and laugh all the way through.

Our dancing skills have improved so much and anyone can tell because it’s not sloppy it is just dancing with energy. I have a feeling we will do so well and it is a great way to practice in front of a crowd or a bunch of people. We hope that we have improved heaps from the last time we danced. You also may notice that some of our dance moves have changed a little bit, well the reason is because we thought that it would be easier the way it is now and we find it better to do the steps.

For once I feel that I am good at dancing because usually I’m not so good and I seem to feel left out. But now it has all changed, I feel happier dancing , I feel more involved which is awesome.

Thank you Ms Papadis for choreographing this with pleasure and in a great way. How can you think of all these moves?! They are so cool and wonderful, especially the music. Well done on matching it with our story line.

Also did you know that our school is in the short list which means that I’m not sure if it was the judges but someone important loved our story ( The Reading Bug ) . Thank you to everyone who has helped in any kind of way, whether it was with the music , the outfits , the props anything.

Thank you Ms Papadis .

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  1. Awesome video and great subject to write about I can’t wait for the Wakka day. We did it great hurray.

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