Props and Costumes ready . . . Diala writes

We tried on our OUTFITS!! We had a rehearsal with our outfits. The outfits were designed by Ms Papadis and some of the students. We practiced as hard as we could and we are at a point where we need to start being a little serious 🙂 ( Ms Papadis is for sure which is fantastic ).

Our outfits and props are looking so good and what makes it even more amazing they are made from mostly recycled things. Look closely at the Ipad and you’ll see its a chalkboard from our Kindy room.

I can’t wait until we perform in front of everyone on Education Day/ Week. I am quite nervous but I know that there is nothing to panic about because if you see someone laughing the only reason is because they are jealous and say to themselves
” I wish I joined ” Which means they wanted to be in the dance group.

5 thoughts on “Props and Costumes ready . . . Diala writes

  1. Dear BSPS,
    I think the costumes and props are really good and I can’t wait to perform on Wednesday and then for the finals. Good luck!!!
    Happy Regards

  2. Dear Chloe,
    Yes indeed, I am absolutely sure that our props were good and actual they weren’t JUST good they were FANTASTIC!! And even better!! The reason why they are such fantastic props is because Ms Papadis made it :mrgreen:

    From ,

  3. Great props we made but for some reason I can’t get my clothes on and off at the right time but I will deal with it. Also great blog Diala it’s amazing . . . hurray!!!


  4. Dear Farah,
    Thank you and yes indeed I can’t really get my costume on and off but as you said it’s OK.


  5. Omg its nearly Wakka day ahh I’m soooooooooooooooo scared i hope we make it and if we do make it to the next round it is going be on tv. I’m going to introduce my family and become famous and how do you do those smiley faces Diala very interesting!!!!!!! 🙂

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