Diala writes . . . we’ve changed a bit of Wakakirri

This morning the Wakakirri Dance Group got together and changed a few steps but actually they are looking fantastic! It has been a long way and now we are getting close and closer each day :mrgreen: . Ms Papadis fixed the costumes and she changed them around into becoming skirts which look very cool.
Tomorrow we have a person from the newspaper ( I’m not sure if it 😀 is from the express or not ) and he will be looking at our dance, taking pictures and writing a little story about us.
Also Irene, Lucas and Diala ( me ! ) will be choosing a title each . After the dance the host will ask us questions 🙂 and we will tell them a little about the dance. It is going to be a very good experience. I hope that everyone knows how important this is and that this wasn’t just a dance that we joined it meant something and I’m 101% sure that we can nail this and that :mrgreen: we will blow the judges away with our talent 😆
Now the Arabic Group have one more extra costume. It’s the … SHAKERS!! Mr Reyad (who isn’t attending our school anymore 🙁 ) has donated some shakers and we appreciate it so very much 😛
Hopefully if we 8) have a dance group next year then I strongly recommend you join in not only because it’s a great experience but because you get to work with the ONE AND ONLY….! Ms PAPADIS! 8)
Anyway, I’m sure that we will do not JUST well/good we will do fantastic, excellent, wonderful, amazing, :mrgreen: superb, a great job. Also I’d like to ask some cool and fun questions for anyone. I hope you enjoy it! :mrgreen:

5 thoughts on “Diala writes . . . we’ve changed a bit of Wakakirri

  1. Hi Diala,
    I really like your post. If I wasn’t in the dance group this year I would be one of the first people to join next year.
    Keep it up, your doing a good job.
    Irene 🙂

  2. Hi Belmore South & Diala 🙂
    Diala I would like to ask a question of you. Apparently the dance group has been a great choice to do this year. Why is the dance group called The Reading Bug and another question about last week during education week on Wednesday you guys had to perform your dance it looked like children were at school , no worries 🙁 🙁 it was a fantasic dance.

  3. This Wednesday we are performing at the entertainment centre I can’t wait hope we win wish us all luck everybody. Happy regaurds Suzie

  4. Dear Belmore South and Sarah,
    We are called the Reading Bug because the dance is all about a group of children at school. Puni is the main character who cannot read and the others can. So it is all about reading. 🙂

    Dear Suzie,
    I agree with you I think we’re going to win too and if we don’t that is ok cause it is not all about winning it is about having a lot of fun and giving it our best shot. 🙂
    It doesn’t really matter if we win or lose 🙁 cause we are going to be the best.
    Guess what were having Belmore we are having MacDonalds for dinner yummmy!!! 😀

    I have a question for all of you guys.
    Who likes MacDonalds and if you do what is your favourite meal?
    Mine is a small quarter pounder with a fanta and a chocolate sundae for my desert 🙂 yummy!!
    if you don’t like MacDonalds 🙁 what is your favourite food?

    Happy Regards
    Chloe Heath (^^^)

  5. :):):):):):) im sooooooooo happy it is nearly the day its only 2 days away:):):):):):):):):]

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