Robotics @ BSPS

On the 11th of November, Stage 3 Morse went to the library to learn about robotics with Ms Jun. Ms Jun taught us how to use the robots including the Beebot and Probot. We communicated together about how the robots functioned and Ms Jun spoke to us about engineering and how it is connected to everyday life.

We got to use the Beebot(it is a robot that looks like a bee) which was fun because we were able to make obstacle courses for it, and try to use the controls to get through the obstacle. Another robot we got to use was the Probot(it’s an upgraded version of the Beebot but shaped like a car). We got to use it to try to draw, and we had to pass 4 different levels to get our Probot licence.

We also got to use Dash(it is a robot made with 3 spheres as a body and 1 sphere as a head, with a friend called Dot). We controlled dash with a school ipad using the App – Wonder. Finally, we got to use robotics lego(lego with a motor). There were 3 sets and 3 imacs. We used the imacs to control the motor on the lego, and we got to build our own creations and add on the motors so that we could control its movements.

We found this experience really exciting and interesting, and soon we will be able to use the robots in class. All teachers should use robotics in the classroom because when we learn the skills of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), it will give us a higher chance of us getting a good job when we’re older.

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