Staff and students at Belmore South Public School use the school blog to share their learning or memorable experiences with the outside world as an authentic audience. Some classes also have their own blogs, linked from this main page. We encourage our community and visitors to comment on posts and start a conversation. For privacy and safety, all comments and posts are moderated before being published.

  1. ZIP IT: Keep your personal stuff private (name, address, passwords, etc.) and think careful about what you say or do online.
  2. BLOCK IT: Block people who send nasty messages or sites that make you uncomfortable. Never open or download unknown files.
  3. FLAG IT: Tell a trusted adult if someone or something online upsets you.



7 thoughts on “About | Safety

  1. What is cyber safety on the blog.

    • Cyber safety is all about being safe on the internet. You can be cyber-safe with things like not giving out your password; protecting personal information like your address, phone number, or photo; only visiting safe websites, and not getting tricked into giving money away to cyber criminals or scammers.

  2. Thanks you Mrs salmon for this comment.

  3. This is very important

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