Swinging with the Show Tunes!

The choir attended the second workshop with the combined ‘Our Spectacular’ choir, and are singing some fantastic show tunes in two and three part harmony, with two of our choir members performing in a solo ensemble group. One more workshop, and they will be ready for their performance inside the Opera House in September. Well done!



Today, 18 members of the BSPS Choir attended a workshop at Granville South High School. It was the first of 3 workshops for this year leading up to a performance of our 1980’s themed songs at the Opera House in September. On the big night, there will be a choir of around 600 students and their teachers, so it’s really exciting to start singing all together!  We worked on harmonies in the National Anthem, four songs that go together to make a Les Miserables medley, a buzzy song about a mosquito and 2 songs from The Little Mermaid.


Mrs Christine Firkin

Music at Canterbury

This week, the school band and the school choir were invited to perform at Canterbury Leagues Club amongst their seasonal decorations. Both groups performed to an excellent standard. A big thank you to the club for the invitation, and also for presenting us with a generous donation to support the school music program.

Belmore South Public School Band

Belmore South Public School Choir

Thank you Canterbury Leagues Club!

Choir at ‘Our Spectacular’

The BSPS choir performed at the Opera House this week as part of the massed choir of ‘Our Spectacular’. There were over 30 schools involved, with 600 students and their choir teachers singing in the choir, and about another 1000 students performing individual items, mostly in dancing. The theme was ‘Great Southern Land’, so all the songs were about Australia. We learned 12 songs, and most of them were in 2 part harmony (one even had 3 part harmony!). Harmony means that each part of the choir sings different notes and tunes at the same time, so the audience hear a more complicated and beautiful sound. Mrs Klose was very proud of all the hard work the choir did learning this difficult way of singing!

Choir members, what were your most memorable moments from the performance?

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More of ‘Our Spectacular’ 2010

This year, 17 members of the BSPS choir were honoured to perform in the annual ‘Our Spectacular’  at the Opera House.  

The combined choir was made up of 586 children and their choir teachers, from 38 different schools in South-West Sydney. As well as the combined choir, many schools performed dance and musical acts.

It took a lot of hard work from everybody, and despite the nerves (perfoming in front of the audience of 2000 people!) it was an amazing experience.

The choir enjoyed the whole experience. When asked for some memorable moments, they recalled the funniest bits:

  • The conductor forgetting to tell everyone to stand up!
  • The other conductor missing a whole verse in the finale!
  • And of course, the mysterious case of the swimming shoe.

Our Spectacular: an ‘X’cellent 10 Years

As one of the 38 schools that were part of the ’10 Great Years’ Our Spectacular production last night at the Sydney Opera House,  I would like to simple say:


What a wonderful credit to your school, community  and our region your students were in the Choir and Individual items last night. The combined choir sounded absolutely superb and the variety of choreography among the individual items was magnificent.

Please pass on my sincere congratulations and thanks to each and every student,  teacher and parent involved.

Peter Lawless


The Opera House choir has finally been selected! Last week, we had our first combined practice at Granville South High School. There were 586 students from 30 different schools! Everybody worked hard to sing the songs in harmony and keep their separate parts sounding great. We really loved meeting the kids from other schools, and playing with them at recess and lunch.

Here are some photos of the day.


Things are getting very exciting for the Stage 3 members of the Belmore South School Choir.

All 24 of them said they’d be happy to learn the songs in the repetoire, for the Granville Spectacular, at the Opera House, even though we’ve now been told that only 17 students from each school can perform on the night. Mrs Klose and Mrs Harrison really appreciate their enthusiasm and co-operation.

Their work won’t be wasted as we’ll be teaching the songs to the rest of the choir after the Opera House performance. The Stage 3s will be tutors, helping the younger children learn the difficult harmonies and hold their soprano or alto part as they perform together for Presentation Day and other school celebrations.

It’s going to be hard work. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.