BSPS @ Wakakirri!

Congratulations to our amazing Wakakirri team of students, teachers, and parents. Your skills in dance, drama, public speaking, art, hair, make-up, stage-handing and so much more were essential in getting us there. This year, we earned awards for participation, public speaking, the spirit of Wakakirri, and the social media competition for our week – what a buzz!

Extended cut: includes video of our performance and speakers:

Highlights: photos only

Haldon Street Success!

Dance group had an amazing time walking in the street parade, and performing, at the Haldon Street Festival in Lakemba on Saturday.
We arrived early, did our makeup, and put our walking shoes on to proudly represent our school.
During the street parade we handed out books, which were donated by our school library, to children along Haldon Street in order to spread the ‘reading bug’.
Straight after the parade we headed to the main stage to perform our story dance to our wonderful community.
Thank you to all the teachers, parents and students that turned up to cheer us on! We had an amazing time and could not have done it without you.
Check out some of the highlights of our day in the gallery below…

Now we eagerly await the final results for the Wakakirri prize….keep your fingers and toes crossed!

Great Results for Wakakirri Dancers

The night is over and the results are in!

The Reading Bug received Highly Commended in Division 2 and “Most Sustainable Production” award.  An amazing result!

Here are the Head Judge Notes for our Story Dance performance.


Great to see you tackling a relevant story.  You made a clever use of the signature item with the bug on the book.


Your characters used their faces wonderfully to tell their story and push their emotions and energy out into the audience.  Staging of the opening worked well with all the games.  What a cool teacher in your performance.


Your colourful costumes looked amazing and worked well to bring your story to life.  Using the letters on the back of the shirts was a really clever idea.  Great ipad prop!


Your soundtrack matched your story cleverly and had contrasts that worked well.  The students were really enjoying the music.


You all looked like you were having an absolute blast and your energy was infectious.  Congratulations!

Way to go Dance group!

If didn’t get a chance to watch the Wakakirri performance at the Entertainment Centre, don’t worry.  You can catch the performance at the Haldon Street Festival in Lakemba on Saturday 10th September at 11am.  We look forward to seeing you there, and doing it all over again!

Rehearsing before the big night from BSPS on Vimeo.

What a night . . . Wakakirri was amazing.


What can we say . .  . all the participants from all of the other 15 schools were amazing.

There is so much talent out there.

All the schools had lively, enthusiastic dancers.      

Some of the schools had these terrific costumes that sparkled, glittered, shone, shimmered and some even glowed.        

Our students danced with commitment, enthusiasm, enjoyment and above all passion.

According to their teachers they performed very well backstage not only behaving beautifully but competently answering questions thrown at them by the judges.

Win or lose what a wonderful achievement.

Thanks to all of our community students, teachers and parents.

A special thanks to Ms Papadis, Ms Pleasance, Mrs Klose and Ali Pericles .

Diala and Irene . . .  go girls!!        Puni and Siole . . . boy oh boy!!

Watch the blog for a link to where you can see official pictures of the night.


Wakakirri is tomorrow!!!!!

Before I start with my blog entry I would like to inform you that our performance is TOMORROW! I can’t wait! Everyone wish us good luck we might need it. And I am one of the representative who gets asked questions and I’ve been practicing for ever and ever! Everyone has asked me ” Oh, how can you remember all that!?! Anyway. This morning we decided that for the shakers we would double tie them and push them up to the top which I thought was a great idea. It was all Ms Papadis’s idea and I’m not surprised because her skills are unbelievably creative :mrgreen:

Our dance has been the best so far I’m shocked because before it was getting better and better but now it is just too good. I love the dance moves and even though Ms Papadis promised she wouldn’t change anything else but unfortunately we did but it was only a little one and it is for the best.

I literally can’t wait for tomorrow I’ve going crazy around the house asking my parents and sisters ” Should I bring this ? Are you sure? How about this one? 😆 but now I have finally settled and left my mother alone.

Our dance moves are so much better the energy is fantastic 😀 , the happiness ( the smiles ) have been increased. The movements are no longer sloppy and going everywhere, it’s just do the moves, be happy, smile, put energy in and definitely do NOT talk 🙂

This afternoon we were given a certain number 1, 2, 3 or 4 I was in 3 and we had to dance the whole thing with our number and the audience ( students ) would give any sort of feedback , good or bad . 🙄  I read the speech out in front of the Wakakirri group with Irene ( fellow peer ) personally I was very scared and I was really nervous that I missed a sentence ( woops ) but tomorrow I’ll make sure that I don’t miss anything , I promise and I will never ever let Belmore South Public School down. :mrgreen: I want to thank Ms Papadis for the fantastic , helpful , kind , wonderful , lovely , time in teaching us. Same to Ms Pleasance for helping out and I’m glad that we have such awesome teachers.

Thank you for reading.

Diala writes . . . we’ve changed a bit of Wakakirri

This morning the Wakakirri Dance Group got together and changed a few steps but actually they are looking fantastic! It has been a long way and now we are getting close and closer each day :mrgreen: . Ms Papadis fixed the costumes and she changed them around into becoming skirts which look very cool.
Tomorrow we have a person from the newspaper ( I’m not sure if it 😀 is from the express or not ) and he will be looking at our dance, taking pictures and writing a little story about us.
Also Irene, Lucas and Diala ( me ! ) will be choosing a title each . After the dance the host will ask us questions 🙂 and we will tell them a little about the dance. It is going to be a very good experience. I hope that everyone knows how important this is and that this wasn’t just a dance that we joined it meant something and I’m 101% sure that we can nail this and that :mrgreen: we will blow the judges away with our talent 😆
Now the Arabic Group have one more extra costume. It’s the … SHAKERS!! Mr Reyad (who isn’t attending our school anymore 🙁 ) has donated some shakers and we appreciate it so very much 😛
Hopefully if we 8) have a dance group next year then I strongly recommend you join in not only because it’s a great experience but because you get to work with the ONE AND ONLY….! Ms PAPADIS! 8)
Anyway, I’m sure that we will do not JUST well/good we will do fantastic, excellent, wonderful, amazing, :mrgreen: superb, a great job. Also I’d like to ask some cool and fun questions for anyone. I hope you enjoy it! :mrgreen:

Props and Costumes ready . . . Diala writes

We tried on our OUTFITS!! We had a rehearsal with our outfits. The outfits were designed by Ms Papadis and some of the students. We practiced as hard as we could and we are at a point where we need to start being a little serious 🙂 ( Ms Papadis is for sure which is fantastic ).

Our outfits and props are looking so good and what makes it even more amazing they are made from mostly recycled things. Look closely at the Ipad and you’ll see its a chalkboard from our Kindy room.

I can’t wait until we perform in front of everyone on Education Day/ Week. I am quite nervous but I know that there is nothing to panic about because if you see someone laughing the only reason is because they are jealous and say to themselves
” I wish I joined ” Which means they wanted to be in the dance group.

Looking good Diala writes

We can see the difference through out our dance if you compare us from the start and all the way until the end. Also for the dance group people you MUST WEAR SCHOOL UNIFORM THEN CHANGE INTO YOUR CLOTHES. 😀 It is the day after tomorrow and I absolutely can’t wait! No one should be nervous or maybe if you are nervous a bit it is okay but remember act :mrgreen: like your’e just rehearsing by your self, no one is there , no on is laughing nothing. They are just cheering and clapping with joy. I wish good luck to everyone who will be dancing 😛 ( including myself ) , make sure you put in all your energy and you don’t talk and laugh all the way through.

Our dancing skills have improved so much and anyone can tell because it’s not sloppy it is just dancing with energy. I have a feeling we will do so well and it is a great way to practice in front of a crowd or a bunch of people. We hope that we have improved heaps from the last time we danced. You also may notice that some of our dance moves have changed a little bit, well the reason is because we thought that it would be easier the way it is now and we find it better to do the steps.

For once I feel that I am good at dancing because usually I’m not so good and I seem to feel left out. But now it has all changed, I feel happier dancing , I feel more involved which is awesome.

Thank you Ms Papadis for choreographing this with pleasure and in a great way. How can you think of all these moves?! They are so cool and wonderful, especially the music. Well done on matching it with our story line.

Also did you know that our school is in the short list which means that I’m not sure if it was the judges but someone important loved our story ( The Reading Bug ) . Thank you to everyone who has helped in any kind of way, whether it was with the music , the outfits , the props anything.

Thank you Ms Papadis .