Debating Recount: BSPS vs. CPS

Written by Zana (Class Banks)

On Thursday the fifth of May 2016, it was the first debate of the year. Belmore South public school was the affirmative team and Campsie public school was the negative team. The topic for debate was ‘competition is a bad thing’. The first speaker was Jacinda. The second speaker was Darrell. The third speaker was Najib. Our last speaker was Kenda. Rahel was the timer person. Ilham was the bell person and Aseel was the chair person… the winner was Campsie Public School. We would like to thank Campsie Public School for coming, and Mrs Kassem for setting it up and for bringing food for the morning tea.


Congratulations to Our Debating Team!

IMG_7170The Belmore South Debating Team have been working hard all year to improve their skills, knowledge and teamwork! This hard work was rewarded when the team won their recent debate against Punchbowl Primary School on the topic that school excursions should be banned!

Congratulations to every member of the team for helping Belmore South shine!

Our debaters are part of a developmental team which aims for every student to have a positive and enjoyable experience with public speaking. Our winning team had students from Year 3, 4 and 6. As the Adjudicator noted “if you can debate like this now imagine how great you will be when you are in Year 6!”

Following our debate one year three student reflected that:

“We have won the debate! They affirmative team had very hard arguments. They were very convincing! Our team worked together and I wanted to think about rebuttals to help my team mates. Our rebuttals helped us win! My first time sitting at the debating table at a different school made me nervous. However, when the adjudicator announced that we won I didn’t feel nervous anymore. I will be the first speaker at the next debate and I will not be nervous!”

At our recent Debating Workshop at Campsie Primary School students worked on developing the fundamental debating skills. One of our year six debaters reflected on the importance of  “being polite and always showing manners and good sportsmanship when debating”.

Well done debating team and good luck for your next debate on the topic that computer games do more harm than good!

Congratulations Big Mouth Club

Books ARE better than movies!!!

At least that’s what our debating team were able to convince the audience and adjudicator at the latest round of the Granville/Strathfield School Education Areas Debating Program competition.  This well deserved win celebrates the team’s hard work and continuing dedication as they give up their lunchtime to strengthen their skills in constructing and presenting a convincing argument.

The Big Mouth Club members are from both Stage 2 and Stage 3 where younger students are genuinely mentored and supported by their older team members. So far this year our mixed Stage teams have debated on the topics:

  • that sport is better than computer games
  • that competition is a good thing
  • that city living is better than country living
  • that electronics are ruining our social life

Congratulations to all members of the Big Mouth Club and good luck for your next debate…that animals should be kept in zoos.

The Big Mouth Club

At Belmore South Public School our debating club is growing in leaps and bounds with enthusiastic and committed students from Stage 2 and Stage 3.

Debating is a complicated endeavour that develops skills in reasoning and speaking that are valuable both at school and in general life. Mrs Hoare and Ms Hargraves are working with the students who debated last year to support and mentor our new debaters.  We are all focused on developing the three M’s of debating.

Matter is how we construct an argument to convince the audience that our perspective is the most persuasive. Already we are able to work together to create more sophisticated and convincing ideas. So far this year we have worked on the topics “that sport is better than computer games” and “that competition is a good thing”.

Method is the formal procedure for how we undertake the debate and we are making sure we know what to do to get it right every time.

Manner is the way in which we speak to convince the audience of the merits of our particular argument. We have been focusing on developing skills in the areas of eye contact, body language and the way we use our voices to persuade others of our opinion.

Here are just some of our fabulous Stage 2 and 3 debating team:

We are currently in the midst of preparing for our next debate. Our topic is “that city living is better than country living”.   Although we have lots of ideas we always welcome more…

Big Mouth Club Update

Just a few weeks ago, the Big Mouth Club debaters competed in their final debate for the 2010 Premier’s Debating Challenge.
The topic was ‘Australia is heading in the right direction.’ Although it was a tricky topic, our debaters showed fantastic improvement in their speaking skills.

The debaters were given one hour to prepare their arguments all by themselves – not an easy task!
Although we didn’t get through to the next round, the debaters were eager to speak with the adjudicator to get some feedback. The adjudicator commended our debating team on their cohesiveness and manner, and said that our debaters did an amazing job in presenting an argument and then elaborating on it (which was a skill they had been working on for a while). It’s great to see that when you work hard to improve, others notice!

Congratulations and thank you for your participation and dedication Diala, Justin, Harry, Maryam and Farah! Your confidence, team work and speaking manner have developed and improved throughout the year. You have all given your time (including lots of lunch hours!) to pursue something that you enjoy.

A big thank you to our audience, chairperson and timekeeper  as well. Both the visiting teachers and the adjudicator told Ms Sallis and Ms Kelly that they were impressed with the attentiveness and manners shown by BSPS students.

Chairperson announcing the teams

Chairperson announcing the teams

First speaker off to a great start

First speaker off to a great start

Summing up the arguments

Summing up the arguments

Getting some feedback. Look how focused we are!

Getting some feedback. Look at how focused we are!

What’s new in Big Mouth Club

Congratulations to Farah who participated in the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition last Wednesday.

The competition involved thirteen year 5 and 6 students from local schools presenting both planned and impromptu speeches. The planned speeches had to have a multicultural theme, and Farah wrote and presented a fantastic speech focusing on religion and beliefs, and the importance that expressing these beliefs has in a multicultural society.

Talking in front of other people takes a lot of courage, so we are very proud of Farah’s efforts. Well done!

Debating update

The debaters debated against Beverly Hills North Public School in the Premier’s Debating Challenge on Thursday.

They lost by the smallest of margins that did not deter them.

Justin and Diale ran past clutching a bunch of paper in their fists. yeah we lost BUT we learned so much. Justin grinned and said

“Look at the notes I took so I can do better next time” . . . that’s the spirit 🙂

BIG MOUTH CLUB . . . debaters with a lot to say

Big Mouth Club auditions for the 2010 Belmore South Public School debating team were held last Friday. Ms Mealing, Ms Kelly and Ms Sallis had the difficult task of selecting this year’s team.

Ms Mealing and Ms Kelly listened to each applicant’s speech, and judged their speeches based on aspects such as manner, clarity and content.

All three teachers are proud to announce the Big Mouth Club debating team for 2010. Congratulations to the following people – Diale, Maryam, Farah, Justin and Harry.

We look forward to working with such an enthusiastic and talented team of students!

Big Mouth Club auditions.

Our talented debaters and public speakers spent Thursday developing their ideas and writing their speeches in preparation for today’s audition. Their parents are probably able to recite their speeches as well.

The topic is a good one to get stuck into “Why should we wear school uniforms”.

The students are very fortunate to have 3 enthusiastic, dynamic and dedicated teachers in Ms Mealing, Ms Sallis and Ms Kelly prepared to work with them this year.

Debaters go down in Premiers Competition

in the Library

Our debaters did very well today in their debate against Beverly Hills North PS. The competition was very close with both sides performing well. Our girls presented very well, they spoke clearly and they had used their time well. Beverly Hills North had a slightly better line of thought.

This debating competition is very challenging as the debaters have an hour to prepare their debate with no teacher or adult present.

Congratulations to both teams.