BSPS @ Wakakirri!

Congratulations to our amazing Wakakirri team of students, teachers, and parents. Your skills in dance, drama, public speaking, art, hair, make-up, stage-handing and so much more were essential in getting us there. This year, we earned awards for participation, public speaking, the spirit of Wakakirri, and the social media competition for our week – what a buzz!

Extended cut: includes video of our performance and speakers:

Highlights: photos only

Student work at The Tin Sheds Gallery

Takayuki Yamamoto’s Art Exhibition, using inspirations by our students based on the concept of the Fortune Teller had it’s debut at The Tin Sheds Gallery.

5  out of our 10 participating students went to the Gallery in person to tell people’s fortune. The remaining 5 along with those present on the evening were filmed and the film ran all through the evening.

Crowds gathered and were excited by the child fortune tellers.

It was the best . . .

Reading and role playing in Stage 1

Sometimes it is fun to read  a book and then act out what the characters are doing. It helps us to understand how the characters feel and what makes them act the way they do.

Here we are role playing being a bully and then practising standing up to a bully.

Some of this term’s events included

A Growing Garden Dance by Stage 2 Rin from their Assembly with lots of parents there to enjoy the show!

A visit form the Navy Brass Band. We all enjoyed their show.

My Dad the Funny Man!

This term, my dad has been visiting our class on Friday mornings  to play drama games with us. He is a professional theatresports comedian. We play games which help us improvise like miming presents, clap and smile, and word by word stories. We learn how to use every silly idea in drama to make a story, and ee learnt how to use our bodies to make things like a racing car in groups without even talking!

Drama helps you with your thinking, your ideas, and your writing. It is lots of fun!

Written by Lily Knowles

Here are some pictures of us having fun with my dad!

Diala writes . . . we’ve changed a bit of Wakakirri

This morning the Wakakirri Dance Group got together and changed a few steps but actually they are looking fantastic! It has been a long way and now we are getting close and closer each day :mrgreen: . Ms Papadis fixed the costumes and she changed them around into becoming skirts which look very cool.
Tomorrow we have a person from the newspaper ( I’m not sure if it 😀 is from the express or not ) and he will be looking at our dance, taking pictures and writing a little story about us.
Also Irene, Lucas and Diala ( me ! ) will be choosing a title each . After the dance the host will ask us questions 🙂 and we will tell them a little about the dance. It is going to be a very good experience. I hope that everyone knows how important this is and that this wasn’t just a dance that we joined it meant something and I’m 101% sure that we can nail this and that :mrgreen: we will blow the judges away with our talent 😆
Now the Arabic Group have one more extra costume. It’s the … SHAKERS!! Mr Reyad (who isn’t attending our school anymore 🙁 ) has donated some shakers and we appreciate it so very much 😛
Hopefully if we 8) have a dance group next year then I strongly recommend you join in not only because it’s a great experience but because you get to work with the ONE AND ONLY….! Ms PAPADIS! 8)
Anyway, I’m sure that we will do not JUST well/good we will do fantastic, excellent, wonderful, amazing, :mrgreen: superb, a great job. Also I’d like to ask some cool and fun questions for anyone. I hope you enjoy it! :mrgreen:

World Premiere of BSPS’s Great Schools Show Off Short Film

In grandma’s day schools were . . . different? from BSPS on Vimeo.

This year Ms Ella Pleasance called for interested Stage 2 students to join her in forming a School Film Club.

This Club has had the opportunity to learn much about making films. They have had a visit from a Fox Sports News Team and they will be going to the Fox Sports Studio later in the term.

Armed with film production skills they developed under Ms Pleasance’s guidance they produced a short film for the Great School Show Off Competition.

They didn’t win the Competition but we think their film is a winner and our community have shared and enjoyed it at our Education Week Assembly.