Learning about area

Last week, Stage 3 students in the Imaginarium completed an open-ended mathematics question (from NRICH).

The question was: Imagine a rectangle with an area of 20cm². What could its length and width be? List five different combinations.

See the images below for the students’ answers:

























Can you think of your own answers? Post them in a comment!

Film Club: A Silent Success!

This year film club will be working in collaboration with the young filmmakers network ‘Cineclub’. 

Cineclub is a fantastic program that gives young people the opportunity to learn a range of film making skills that will help them to ‘communicate ideas, challenge their views and form opinions through the magical medium of digital film production!’ For the next two terms film club will be developing these skills and creating a Silent film that will be entered into the national story film competition ‘Wakakirri’. This film will also be shown on the BIG screen later in the year.

As part of this program students will be working with Mrs Pericles and watching, interpreting and analysing a variety of silent films. This program is called ‘Film for Thought’ and is designed to encourage filmmakers to ‘engage with a diverse range of films…to inspire their practical filmmaking activities’.

To learn more about Cineclub visit: www.cineclub.org.au

Stay tuned for Blog updates from our film club representative Claudette. Next update will include our 4 shot silent films!

NAPLAN Tests next week.

NAPLAN Tests are taken by students in Years 3 and 5. All students except those who have been speaking English for less than 18 months sit for these tests.

The tests begin on Tuesday 15 May. The timetable is as follows:

Tuesday 15
9.30 to 10.30 Writing
11.40 to 12.30 Language

Wednesday 16
9.30 to 10.30 Reading

Thursday 17
9.30 to 10.30 Numeracy

Good luck to everyone. Last years students survived and did well.

NAPLAN Results show amazing growth!!

Click on the following links to see our Student Growth in the 2011 NAPLAN.

Our school is the green bar.

In all areas our student growth is above state average.

SchoolGrowth Numeracy

SchoolGrowth Grammar

SchoolGrowth Spelling

SchoolGrowth Reading

The results are amazing and a tribute to the focus, the analysis, the training, the passion and the persistance of teachers and students working together towards improving learning for all.

Our Literacy groups and all of our teacher professional learning are showing results and those results centre on our students and seeing them grow as learners.


Number Groups With Ms Hionis

Kindergarten has enjoyed learning about dot patterns and numbers with Ms Hionis during Number groups this term.

We learnt to play the dice board game.

The aim of the game is to choose six figures to represent each side of a dice on the game board.

You roll the dice. If for example you get six dots you move the figure representing six, one space along.

The person playing the game keeps rolling the dice until one of the figures has crossed the finish line. The children used mini transport figures and mini sea animals to represent each dot pattern.

This was a game the children played against themselves. This was a fun game to help the children learn the dot patterns without having to count each dot every time they rolled the dice.

S1 Matisse learn about Volume and Capacity

For the past few weeks S1Matisse have been learning all about volume and capacity.  We have been measuring the volume and capacity of a variety of containers using water and other objects found in the classroom.  This week we ventured outside to fill containers to different levels using water. We had to decide which containers were full, nearly full, half full and empty.  We also used our bodies to represent the levels in the containers.  Check out our gallery below!