Living Things

Stage 1 are learning about the features of living and non-living things in Science.

Today, S1 Amazon had a very exciting lesson outside!

We walked around our school grounds and looked at the different things we could see and then classified them as either living or non-living, then we had to explain why!

Living things    

Non-living things 

  • grass
  • ants
  • children
  • trees
  • pigeons
  • flowers
  • rocks
  • bricks
  • concrete
  • tables
  • benches
  • cars 

We observed what we could see and then sketched one living and one non-living thing, ready to take back to class and sort.

Student work at The Tin Sheds Gallery

Takayuki Yamamoto’s Art Exhibition, using inspirations by our students based on the concept of the Fortune Teller had it’s debut at The Tin Sheds Gallery.

5  out of our 10 participating students went to the Gallery in person to tell people’s fortune. The remaining 5 along with those present on the evening were filmed and the film ran all through the evening.

Crowds gathered and were excited by the child fortune tellers.

It was the best . . .

Scientists for a day!

Science Fair

To celebrate National Science Week 2012, Belmore South Public School held a Science Fair to fundraise for science resources in our school.

Students participated in five hands on workshops in their gemstone learning teams in which they got solve a crime using forensic evidence, make a telephone, fish with magnets, create slime, make a foaming dinosaur, and make some musical panpipes.

At lunchtime, students were able to buy slime, grow their own beans, and gobble up lollybags while enjoying a sausage sizzle and throwing a soapy sponge at Miss Hackney’s face.

After lunch, students were visited by a Mad Madam Mim the scientist who presented her “Air, Water and Fire show.” We have never seen anything like it!

We are proud to say we raised just under $1000, and watch this space to find out what cool and wacky science resources we buy for our school!

Miss Hackney


We’re mining for coal in our classroom!!

In S3 Hogwarts we have been learning about energy. So far we’ve learnt a lot about it like the different forms and sources of energy and how we use them. Last week we were exploring renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Coal is a non-renewable energy source which means it will run out and it damages the environment.

We decided to investigate the impacts of coal mining through mining for choc chips in choc chip cookies! We were only allowed to use a toothpick to get the choc chips out. This is what we discovered:
– It was difficult to get the choc chips out without damaging the cookie
– The cookie could not be put back together
– This is like coal mining because it demonstrates the impact blasting and open cut mining can have on the environment.

We then looked at pictures of coal mines and in pairs wrote down some of the things we were thinking, feeling and learnt throughout the investigation. Some of the things we wrote down:
– I feel sad for the environment
– Why are we doing this?
– We need to find other ways of making electricity
– This is awful
– Coal is the biggest producer of electricity in Australia (54%)
– I think we need coal to make electricity but I don’t like how it’s done

We had lots of fun!

By: students of S3 Hogwarts

Some of this term’s events included

A Growing Garden Dance by Stage 2 Rin from their Assembly with lots of parents there to enjoy the show!

A visit form the Navy Brass Band. We all enjoyed their show.

Gems in the Park.

Our Harmony Day Celebrations this year took place at Bi Centennial Park on Homebush Bay.

It was a stunning venue and a beautiful day. Nearly the whole school joined in the celebration and there were lots of parents and their other kids there as well.

We had a great time exploring the built environments like the Tower and the play equipment, many of us especially enjoyed the boardwalk through the Mangroves.

The Sausage Sizzle with a drink was just right for lunch.

Going on an excursion in our Gemstone Teams was a different experience. Check out the photos . . . their are more on Facebook.


Gems in the park

View more presentations from BSPS.

Diala writes . . . we’ve changed a bit of Wakakirri

This morning the Wakakirri Dance Group got together and changed a few steps but actually they are looking fantastic! It has been a long way and now we are getting close and closer each day :mrgreen: . Ms Papadis fixed the costumes and she changed them around into becoming skirts which look very cool.
Tomorrow we have a person from the newspaper ( I’m not sure if it 😀 is from the express or not ) and he will be looking at our dance, taking pictures and writing a little story about us.
Also Irene, Lucas and Diala ( me ! ) will be choosing a title each . After the dance the host will ask us questions 🙂 and we will tell them a little about the dance. It is going to be a very good experience. I hope that everyone knows how important this is and that this wasn’t just a dance that we joined it meant something and I’m 101% sure that we can nail this and that :mrgreen: we will blow the judges away with our talent 😆
Now the Arabic Group have one more extra costume. It’s the … SHAKERS!! Mr Reyad (who isn’t attending our school anymore 🙁 ) has donated some shakers and we appreciate it so very much 😛
Hopefully if we 8) have a dance group next year then I strongly recommend you join in not only because it’s a great experience but because you get to work with the ONE AND ONLY….! Ms PAPADIS! 8)
Anyway, I’m sure that we will do not JUST well/good we will do fantastic, excellent, wonderful, amazing, :mrgreen: superb, a great job. Also I’d like to ask some cool and fun questions for anyone. I hope you enjoy it! :mrgreen:

Stage 2 Saves The World!

Because it is International Year of the Forest, stage two are learning about all kinds of environmental concerns that threaten the planet, and what we can all do to help. We are calling our study about this, “Stage 2 Saves The World!” because we are learning how we can make a difference in the things we do every day.

At the moment S2 Kandinsky are focusing on what is happening to threaten and protect the land. First we looked at the problems of dumping and pollution. We agreed to make sure we always put our litter in the bin and to sort garbage from recycling.








We make sure we always separate paper into our recycling box in the classroom, and we made our workbooks for this subject out of recycled paper too!








We also made paper beads out of old road maps as an art activity. It was a bit tricky, but don’t they look cool?













This week we have been learning about energy and where it comes from. Did you know that non-renewable resources will not only run out one day, but do all kinds of horrid things to the environment now? We studied coal, oil and gas which release greenhouse gases and pollute land, water and air. They are also a reason for strip mining which brings us to our next topic – deforestation and soil erosion. We looked at good alternative energy sources too. There are so many – Wind power, hydroelectricity, biofuels, solar power and geothermal energy that comes from the heat within the earth!










We are all trying to use energy more wisely at school and home.

S1Picasso Brush For A Bright Smile

S1Picasso have been learning about cleaning our teeth the right way.

First you brush along the gum line.
Then you brush inside the surface of your back teeth.
Thirdly, you need to brush chewing surfaces at the back of the mouth.
Then use the tip of the brush to clean behind all front and top teeth.
Lastly don’t forget your tongue!!!

Please brush twice a day…