Athletics Carnival 2017

On Thursday, Belmore South held our annual Athletics Carnival. Races were run, novelties were fun, and happy faces were everywhere. What a fantastic day!


S1 Jasper enjoy gymnastics

Today, S1 Jasper tried to capture the fun that we have at gymnastics. We have made a video that you can see below.

Here are some of the skills and movements that we have been learning about:

  • tuck sit
  • L sit
  • lunge
  • beam
  • bars
  • trampoline


Swimming Carnival

On Friday, 31st January we held our annual Swimming Carnival. We have not had a mass swimming carnival for many years here at Belmore South P.S. but it was a fantastic day with lots of people involved!

All of the students, staff and parents had a chance to get wet and splash around in the cool water.

A big thank you to the parents that volunteered their time to help staff on the day by taking photos, helping in the water and at the canteen.

Thank you to all the staff members at Belmore South for a great day in the sun and water.

Congratulations to all the students that participated in 50 meters, 25 meters, and novelty races and games.

It was a FUN, ACTIVE and SAFE day and staff here at Belmore South Public School can not wait for next year’s carnival.     IMG_0094


Our lesson on balancing

Written by Markus, Jessica A and Franklin

Last week S1 Amazon learnt to balance during our sport lesson.

First we walked outside to area 4 and set up the sports equipment. The first activity was to walk on a balancing beam. We had to put our arms out to steady ourselves!

The second activity was when we walked along a line, then had to balance on one foot, bend down and pick up a beanbag.

The last activity had us throw a ball to a buddy and catch it as we balanced on one foot.

Before each activity our teacher (Mrs Reed) put a timer on, so that everyone could swap activities and have a go at every station.

We had lots and lots of fun.

  • My best activity was balancing and throwing the ball to a partner. (Franklin)
  • My favourite activity was balancing on the line and picking up the beanbag. (Jessica A)
  • I liked the activity where I walked on the beam – sport is so much fun. (Markus)
photo 2 photo 3
photo 1 photo 4

Physical Education in Kindergarten

Every Wednesday afternoon, Kindy learn and practise a Fundamental Movement Skill. On Friday afternoon, we play games and sports. At the moment, we are learning the Fundamental Movement Skill called Static Balance.

Students had to balance bean-bags on different parts of their body and move around the playground without letting them fall off. In this picture, students tried to balance the bean-bag on their neck!


Students had to balance a plastic egg on a spoon and weave around the cones. They also tried to walk along the low balance-beam.



Belmore South Public School welcomed The Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) for their first teaching and learning session for 2012.
Belmore South Public School and The Australian College of Physical Education enjoy a two way teaching and learning experience. Students from The College, many of whom will become Physical Education teachers, work with students at Belmore South, helping them to develop the fundamental movement skills needed to enable them to enjoy major games such as soccer, basketball and cricket.

Students are organised into small teaching groups to enable both teacher and students to focus on developing individual skills such as catching, throwing, striking and of course, good sportsmanship!



Diala writes . . . we’ve changed a bit of Wakakirri

This morning the Wakakirri Dance Group got together and changed a few steps but actually they are looking fantastic! It has been a long way and now we are getting close and closer each day :mrgreen: . Ms Papadis fixed the costumes and she changed them around into becoming skirts which look very cool.
Tomorrow we have a person from the newspaper ( I’m not sure if it 😀 is from the express or not ) and he will be looking at our dance, taking pictures and writing a little story about us.
Also Irene, Lucas and Diala ( me ! ) will be choosing a title each . After the dance the host will ask us questions 🙂 and we will tell them a little about the dance. It is going to be a very good experience. I hope that everyone knows how important this is and that this wasn’t just a dance that we joined it meant something and I’m 101% sure that we can nail this and that :mrgreen: we will blow the judges away with our talent 😆
Now the Arabic Group have one more extra costume. It’s the … SHAKERS!! Mr Reyad (who isn’t attending our school anymore 🙁 ) has donated some shakers and we appreciate it so very much 😛
Hopefully if we 8) have a dance group next year then I strongly recommend you join in not only because it’s a great experience but because you get to work with the ONE AND ONLY….! Ms PAPADIS! 8)
Anyway, I’m sure that we will do not JUST well/good we will do fantastic, excellent, wonderful, amazing, :mrgreen: superb, a great job. Also I’d like to ask some cool and fun questions for anyone. I hope you enjoy it! :mrgreen:

Education Week from 1 August to 5 August

Next week is Education Week and we have a few things happening.

Monday between 9.15 and 11.00 am.   

There is  a Parent Club Meeting and a Cook In happening










We’re trying Islander food this week.

On Wednesday  from 12.30pm 

 We will have our classrooms open for Parents and Family to visit and families are welcome to have a  picnic lunch together.

At 2.00pm

You will be treated to a series of great student performances. The program will include:

  • Our Great School’s Show Off movie made by the Film Club.
  • The Wakakirri Dance Group performing Reading Bug before their big performance at the Entertainment Centre on August 17.
  • St. 3 Tan Electric Dance Group, and
  • St. 2 Warhol Dancers.








Then on Friday from 9.00am all of the school, K to 6, will be at the Athletics Carnival at Campbell Field. Where we will be able to order a BBQ lunch from our Parent Club caterers.

Please come along on one , two or all of the days if you can!!!