Parent Volunteers Supporting Our Students

Parents and community volunteers participated in a 3 hour training workshop, conducted by Lisa Boland from Learning Links. The program, Reading for Life, provides 1-1 reading tuition for selected students in years 2-4. The program is funded by Campsie RSL and would not operate without the valuable contribution made from our parents and community volunteers. The students and teachers at Belmore South are grateful for the commitment they have made to provide this worthwhile learning opportunity for our students.
Reading for Life

Learning Frontiers Survey

Learning Frontiers is an exciting new initiative which aims to define and lead the development of professional practices to increase student engagement in learning. The purpose of this survey is to find out more about the extent to which young people are engaged in learning. We are inviting teachers, students, parents and members of the community to complete this survey. For more information please email:

Road Safety

Children are vulnerable road users. Anywhere where there is a potential for moving vehicles is a potentially dangerous traffic situation for children. This includes residential areas, car-parks, at traffic lights, along footpaths, zebra and other crossings, driveways, quiet streets, and busy streets. Children need assistance dealing with the traffic environment until at least the age of 10 as they are not equipped physically or developmentally to make the crucial decisions to keep them safe. Like learning to drive a car, children need practise and experience to walk in the traffic environment.

Although children may think they can handle crossing a road by themselves, remember that children:

  • are easily distracted and focus on only one aspect of what is happening
  • are smaller and harder for drivers to see
  • are less predictable than other pedestrians
  • cannot accurately judge the speed and distance of moving vehicles
  • cannot accurately predict the direction sounds are coming from
  • are unable to cope with sudden changes in traffic conditions
  • do not understand abstract ideas – such as road safety
  • are unable to identify safe places to cross the road
  • tend to act inconsistently in and around traffic

Many children below the age of 10 years do not have the capability or judgement to handle many pedestrian situations. Children need to be accompanied and closely supervised by a parent or adult carer to keep them safer.

For more information, please see KidsafeNSW.

150 Great Years – Interviews

For our school’s 150th birthday, the 2012 Film Club conducted some really interesting interviews with former students and staff members. There are some fascinating stories, particularly those about life at Belmore South Public School during the war. For example, did you know there used to be bunkers dug around the school in case of bombs falling, and weekly bomb drill practice for all the children?

The interview recordings are now ready to watch here.

Welcome to 2013!

WELCOME to the 2013 new school year! We welcome a number of new staff, families and students to our school. The year has started very smoothly and all the students seem to have returned refreshed, focused and ready to achieve their best. The staff at Belmore South Public School look forward to working together to provide the best educational experience that we can for your children.

Families are invited to join us at our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening on Monday 18th of February from 5pm in the new school hall.

Term ends with a visit from American Student Teachers

During the last week of Term 2 we had a visit from 20 University of Delaware students and their tutors.

They had been in Tasmania and Victoria and were very interested in our school as it was the only one they visited in NSW.

The students enjoyed their walk from Belmore Station. They found Burwood Road Belmore a little different to their main street in Delaware.

The students thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Ms Rhodes, Mrs Pericles, Ms Dongas and Mrs Dyer. Most of all they enjoyed seeing all the students and their teachers doing amazing things in their classrooms.

The Belmore South teachers who chatted with the Uni students found them very well informed about educational practices and they asked great questions.

Big machinery uncovers mystery steps in the car park

Look at the huge front end loader and trucks in the car park. The car park is a mess but it is full of all sorts of interesting things.

There are huge piles of dirt and today a set of steps going underground were uncovered. We wondered why there would be steps going underground.

There is a story about an old bomb shelter being under the car park. I wonder if it is true??

Goodbye to a brave little girl


Belmore South Public School is proud to have had Miami-Rose as a student at our school since 2008.

She came to us from Queensland at the age of 7 and we were a bit unsure of how we would manage a little girl who had been so fragile and vulnerable all her young life.

Miami-Rose soon dispelled any concerns or hesitations we may have had. She was independent in her needs and all around her developed a deep respect for how she managed her unique needs. Miss Leonard and Ms McIntosh grew to delight in her smile and her gentle ways as did we all who came into daily contact with her.

Miami-Rose developed a firm set of friends. She was well liked by all her peers and the teachers always enjoyed working with her. When they heard of her illness and her subsequent death on Friday there were many tears, many quiet reflections and today a bundle of beautiful colourful letters expressing her classmate’s feelings.

Ms Rutherford and Mrs Harrison worked closely with Miami-Rose to get her reading up to scratch. She was a great group member always willing to learn, to give a helping hand and smile.

Miami-Rose could be feisty and strong willed obviously part of a huge instinct for survival. The thing we all have a chuckle about is that with Miami-Rose you always knew where you stood.

Miami-Rose had a phrase which we all remember, when asked how she was especially after she had been sick the reply was always philosophical “ there are good days and then there are bad days”.

Miami Rose we miss you each in our own way. We will always remember the pretty little girl with big brown eyes and skinny legs . . . a brave girl, the bravest girl in our school.

Miami- Rose 2000 – 2010