Bush tucker!!!

Stage 3 are looking at colonisation from an Indigenous perspective this term. We are beginning our unit on Invasion by first immersing ourselves in traditional Aboriginal culture.

With Miss Fanggidae, we are looking at sacred sites and how important land is to Aboriginal culture, specifically Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the Northern Territory.

With Miss Hargraves, we are looking at the Dreaming (Tjurpa), and publishing our own dreamtime story, which will be shared with kindergarten.

With Miss Hackney, we are looking at traditional foods or bush tucker, and cooking some kangaroo to taste

S3 Ganges develops empathy for the Stolen Generations…

This term in reading groups, we have been learning about the Stolen Generations. At first we thought it sounded a bit like adoption.

But… we did some activities to develop empathy [putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes to feel what they feel]. We pretended we were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids who were forcibly taken from our families, then we wrote a letter to our parents telling them how we felt and what they had missed out on.

We also read The Island by Armin Greder about a man who is isolated and treated badly when he arrives on an island. We brainstormed emotive language from the story and created still images outside to illustrate the different words and how they could relate the the Stolen Generations. Here are some of our still images:


“…let the man have scraps”


“…they seized the man”


“…the people stared at him”


“…they showed him where they could sleep on some straw”

When we fully understood the Stolen Generations, we wrote our own apology to the Stolen Generations just like Kevin Rudd did in January 2008. These apologies will be on display in the hall for Reconciliation Week.

Harmony Day at Belmore South

Today the whole school had a special assembly to celebrate Harmony Day. We sat on the blue mats and chairs outside. We watched a wonderful performance by the Amber Gemstone Team.

Some special guests arrived with some extra-special birds. We moved closer to the birds so we could all see them. One of the men brought a dove around for us all to touch. The dove was very quiet and calm.

Our leaders opened the bird cage and the doves flew off into the sky. Everyone clapped. The doves flew away back to their home. We were really happy and excited.

We decorated doves in our classroom this week. We put colourful tissue paper on the doves, they look beautiful.


By K Swan

Haldon St Festival

On Saturday 25th August, the school band had their very first performance on a public stage!

They performed Latin Magic and Bring On Da Band in front of thousands of people.

Congratulations on a fabulous performance.

Term ends with a visit from American Student Teachers

During the last week of Term 2 we had a visit from 20 University of Delaware students and their tutors.

They had been in Tasmania and Victoria and were very interested in our school as it was the only one they visited in NSW.

The students enjoyed their walk from Belmore Station. They found Burwood Road Belmore a little different to their main street in Delaware.

The students thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Ms Rhodes, Mrs Pericles, Ms Dongas and Mrs Dyer. Most of all they enjoyed seeing all the students and their teachers doing amazing things in their classrooms.

The Belmore South teachers who chatted with the Uni students found them very well informed about educational practices and they asked great questions.

Gems in the Park.

Our Harmony Day Celebrations this year took place at Bi Centennial Park on Homebush Bay.

It was a stunning venue and a beautiful day. Nearly the whole school joined in the celebration and there were lots of parents and their other kids there as well.

We had a great time exploring the built environments like the Tower and the play equipment, many of us especially enjoyed the boardwalk through the Mangroves.

The Sausage Sizzle with a drink was just right for lunch.

Going on an excursion in our Gemstone Teams was a different experience. Check out the photos . . . their are more on Facebook.


Gems in the park

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Autumn Leaves At Bicentennial ParkStudents enjoying the challenge!

Students, parents and staff from Belmore South Public School recently enjoyed a visit to Bicentennial Park at Homebush for a day packed full of activities to celebrate Harmony Day.
Students attended Harmony Day in groups named after gemstones. All students are a part of a ‘Gemstone Learning Team’: named after gemstones and reflecting positive qualities, such as communication (the ‘Sapphire’ team) and optimism (the ‘Citrine’ team).
The teams are just one way students at Belmore South Public School learn about harmony and develop skills in getting along with others.
In their teams, students joined in a variety of activities such as soccer, cricket, basketball, rope climbing, mangrove sketching, creating leaf rubbings and eating sausages cooked at the sausage sizzle.
The school community enjoyed the great weather on the day and the opportunity to be together to celebrate Harmony Day 2012.