BSPS @ Wakakirri!

Congratulations to our amazing Wakakirri team of students, teachers, and parents. Your skills in dance, drama, public speaking, art, hair, make-up, stage-handing and so much more were essential in getting us there. This year, we earned awards for participation, public speaking, the spirit of Wakakirri, and the social media competition for our week – what a buzz!

Extended cut: includes video of our performance and speakers:

Highlights: photos only

Bush tucker!!!

Stage 3 are looking at colonisation from an Indigenous perspective this term. We are beginning our unit on Invasion by first immersing ourselves in traditional Aboriginal culture.

With Miss Fanggidae, we are looking at sacred sites and how important land is to Aboriginal culture, specifically Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the Northern Territory.

With Miss Hargraves, we are looking at the Dreaming (Tjurpa), and publishing our own dreamtime story, which will be shared with kindergarten.

With Miss Hackney, we are looking at traditional foods or bush tucker, and cooking some kangaroo to taste

Learning about our Veggie Patch

In Term 1, students participated in a unit based around the new vegetable patch program at school.  Students studied, tasted and wrote about different fruits and vegetables and made their own fruit salads.  Below are some students’ reports on their fruit salads:

I put banana in my fruit salad.  Bananas are yellow.  I like bananas.   By Yuan Jun

My fruit salad has bananas.  The colour is yellow and (it) is long.  By Matthew

I liked the grapes, bananas, watermelons and lychees.  I don’t like pears or plums.  By Minh Thu







Canterbury Council Sustainablity Awards – Runners Up


Our school’s sustainability projects were recognised at the recent Canterbury Council’s Annual Sustainability Awards.

Ms Dongas has been working with the SRC and the Leadership team to build and plant a Vegie Patch. We have also begun to compost and grow worms.

By next term the Vegie Patch should be  supplying lettuce and tomatoes for our school canteen.


Stage 2 Waste Audit

Stage 2 did a waste audit of the school.
We did a waste audit to find out how much waste our school makes in one day. We wanted to find out what type of rubbish our school makes and what we can do about making so much rubbish.
Student educators went around to each classroom to show students where to put their rubbish. Student monitors spent recess and lunch time monitoring the rubbish bins in the playground to make sure the students put their rubbish in the right bins.


After lunch we collected all the rubbish from the whole school and sorted it out into five categories.

They were:
– Food scraps
– General waste
– Recycling- paper and cardboard
– Recycling- cans, bottles and plastic
– Plastic bags

We were shocked at how much rubbish there was! We were shocked at how many chip packets and ice-cream wrappers there were!

After we sorted the waste, we weighed the waste to see how many kilograms of rubbish there were. In total there were 24 kilograms of rubbish!
Here is a pie graph and a bar graph to show how many kilograms of each type of rubbish there were.



Rubbish Reducing Rampage continues to have an impact.

The Green Team has been running this challenge for the last 5 weeks of this term and are looking to finish the term with record low rubish counts on Thursday.

To date there have been five classes win this prestigious award, each receiving a 2008 Guinness Book of Records.

The aim of the Rampage is to reduce the amount of disposable rubbish brought to school on a Thursday. Hints on how to reduce your rubbish include:

packing lunch in a plastic container and using drink bottles instead of poppa.

Some classes have as little as 22 grams of rubbish. This week Stage 1S were the proud winners. The competition is set to continue into next term. Wonder if anyone will get to no grams?