Haldon Street Success!

Dance group had an amazing time walking in the street parade, and performing, at the Haldon Street Festival in Lakemba on Saturday.
We arrived early, did our makeup, and put our walking shoes on to proudly represent our school.
During the street parade we handed out books, which were donated by our school library, to children along Haldon Street in order to spread the ‘reading bug’.
Straight after the parade we headed to the main stage to perform our story dance to our wonderful community.
Thank you to all the teachers, parents and students that turned up to cheer us on! We had an amazing time and could not have done it without you.
Check out some of the highlights of our day in the gallery below…

Now we eagerly await the final results for the Wakakirri prize….keep your fingers and toes crossed!

Congratulations Big Mouth Club

Books ARE better than movies!!!

At least that’s what our debating team were able to convince the audience and adjudicator at the latest round of the Granville/Strathfield School Education Areas Debating Program competition.  This well deserved win celebrates the team’s hard work and continuing dedication as they give up their lunchtime to strengthen their skills in constructing and presenting a convincing argument.

The Big Mouth Club members are from both Stage 2 and Stage 3 where younger students are genuinely mentored and supported by their older team members. So far this year our mixed Stage teams have debated on the topics:

  • that sport is better than computer games
  • that competition is a good thing
  • that city living is better than country living
  • that electronics are ruining our social life

Congratulations to all members of the Big Mouth Club and good luck for your next debate…that animals should be kept in zoos.

Extending thinking in literacy groups

In Stage 3 reading groups with Miss Sallis, students voted to read the story ‘Girl Underground’ by Morris Gleitzman.

Students have been working very hard to develop their thinking through several activities. Here’s what the reading group had to say about these activities and their learning experiences:

Compass Points (By Ebaa, Katarina, Cindy, Gavin and Abudie)

Hey everyone,

In reading groups, we were working on Compass Points where you think about ‘N’ (need to know) ‘E’ (for excited) ‘S’ (for suggestions for moving forward) and ‘W’ (for worrisome ). The point/reason that we started participating in this activity is that in the novel, the main character Bridget comes to a point where she has to make a decision if she should tell her classmates about her family secret.

Everyone enjoyed participating in this activity because we all got to connect with each other and share our ideas as a supportive team.

Compass Points - to evaluate a decision in the story

Connections (By Irene, Elisa and Laura)

We worked in groups to connect parts of ‘Girl Underground’ to ourselves, to the world and to other texts. From this activity we have learnt that there are many similarities between the story ‘Girl Underground’ and ‘Boy Overboard’. It also helped us understand the emotions and actions in the story because we could think of a time when we have previously experienced those things in our life. We enjoyed this activity.

Connecting text to self, other texts and the world

New Words List (By Lamin, Michael, Hinok and Sarah)

In our reading groups, we have made a new words list. Words we see that we don’t understand, we write it down on our list. E.g. apprehending, turnip, striding, quizzically and gratitude.These are interesting words! This list is good because it helps our learning so we can understand new words.

Our new words list, where we record and research unfamiliar words as we read them

BSPS Blog Comments


In order to promote leaving comments on posts on the school blog, each comment left will contribute towards class of the year award.

Comments must be meaningful and relevant to the post to be counted

  • Examples include:
    • commenting on what you have learnt about from the post
    • what you liked about the post  and why
    • What you have been doing on the same topic or what further information you could add to the post
    • posing further questions if you would like to know more about the post

Comments can be jointly constructed as a class or part of a literacy group.  Students can leave individual replies but they must be checked by the teacher first.

Please  use first name only and leave class name so we know which class posted them.

Thanks Technology committee

Friday Performance Assembly

This week Stage I Bird ran the school assembly and entertained us with Music and Poetry.

During the week a couple of their students chose the best learning environment in the school. They chose Kindergarten Fox.

Some students from 1 Bird had to choose an Assembly Class of the Week.  They chose S2 Preston from the Primary and 1 Base were the best from K to 2.

Great work you did everything so well.

Today was the BEST day as our teachers celebrated Term 1

The achievements of the teachers at our school are amazing. At the end of each term we have a celebration of our achievements. This term we had a Cafe themed for Easter.

We celebrated the Quality Teaching that is happening in all our classrooms. Our focus for today was on sharing something we have done this term that we are proud of. The context was Reading and Writing.

We have such a wonderful mix of youth and experience and it is so exciting to be able to share and learn from each other. Every teacher in our school is a leader.

The ideas, the creativity, the innovation around the Cafe today reassured that learning in this school is engaging and exciting and the teachers are of the highest quality.

3 Fred report . . .

What S3 Fred has been doing!!
Hello everyone! Have a read of what S3Fred has been doing !!

Our class had to decide on a class name. We voted for Fred Hollows out of Nancy Bird, Ned Kelly and Pemulwuy. We voted for him because he was very intelligent and he gave back eyesight to people. He worked with indigenous people to build a medical centre to treat eye disease. He then went to work in Africa in a place called Eritrea. He created a lens factory and trained other people to treat the eye disease. He died in 2008 from cancer but his wife created the Fred Hollows foundation to continue his work.

Well, we did some contract work, we had to choose what activities we wanted to do and when we wanted to do them. That was a lot of fun!! What S3Fred has been doing this week!!
Hello everyone! Have a read of what S3Fred has been doing this week!!

We also looked at Bloom’s Taxonomy tasks, the levels are remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating and creating! They are from low to high thinking skills.
Also we did reading tasks, we picked a book to read chapters 1 and 2 and choose from different tasks. A few examples are draw your favourite character from the book and 5 questions you would ask the author and there were more activities to choose from. That was really an amazing thing to do!!

S3 Fred have been working out strategies to help us with the NAPLAN Tests. Last week we did a math test to see what things we need to learn and made goals from what we didn’t know. Miss York set us some work that matches our goals. We do worksheets and play Mathletics to achieve our goals.

We have also been writing our narrative quality criteria, it means things that make a good narrative these were some of our answers complex sentences, orientation, complication, resolution, who, what, where, when and why. We have also been learning about descriptions for our narrative. We had to use our imagination and think about different settings. We were playing a game called the circle game, whoever had the ball had to say something that is shiny some of our answers were gold, earrings, necklace, diamond and a gold key. For NAPLAN we have been learning about our senses to put into our narrative we had to think about our five senses and pretend that we were in a setting eg shopping centre, cemetery, hospital, jungle, desert, and forest.

Welcome to 1Base

We are named after Graeme Base. He is a famous Australian author, artist and illustrator. We like lots of the books he has written and our favourite so far is Jungle Drums. It is important to have Australians authors in this job to make reading fun, have our voice heard and so life isn’t boring.

We have been doing lots of learning in mathematics about numbers, addition and time. Our favourite game is Around the World. We have also started using Matheletics in the classroom and some of us have been using it at home. We like this because you can compete with people from around the world.


We have reading groups from Monday to Thursday and we like them a lot.


In science we have been learning about the weather, seasons and how to dress appropriately.


During Golden Time we have had a lot of fun making a Chinese Dragon, building towers out of sticky tape, straws and newspaper and cleaning up Belmore South Public School. We are working on our own class blog and will let you know when it is ready to see.

We have a Moshi Monster and her name is Lilly. She has purple and red fluffy skin. She has big, green eyes and long ears. Her tail is as fluffy as a fox. Lilly has two pointy teeth and a tiny brown nose. We like our Moshi Monster.

Ms Dyer and Mrs Pericles present at a conference for teachers

Inspire, innovate leading digital education 2010 is a conference that was held at NSW Department of Education and Training Technology Conference held at Acer Arena on the Olympic site at Homebush Bay.

Both Ms Dyer and Mrs Pericles were asked to present at this conference. They were very honoured as they were speaking along with a number of distinguished national and international speakers.

The two international speakers were Dr Stephen Heppell from the UK and David Warlick from the USA. They were also fortunate to hear Westley Fields from Sydney.

Ms Dyer spoke about how to get teachers using technology effectively in schools and Mrs Pericles presented a workshop on digital games based learning.

From the feedback from participants at the conference they felt both of Ms Dyer and Mrs Pericles had helped them with their developing deeper understanding of ways to use technology.

What animal is this?

What animal is that? from Gail Miller on Vimeo.

This year 3 reading group are practising listening to a story being read aloud.

Notice how clearly the teacher explains what the students need to listen and look for while the story is being read.

Our groups for reading are small and the activities personalised to suit the needs of the individual students.

We have reading groups in every stage for 45 minutes 4 times per week.

This time is sacrosanct, that is, never interrupted. All activities revolve around this time.