Scientists for a day!

Science Fair

To celebrate National Science Week 2012, Belmore South Public School held a Science Fair to fundraise for science resources in our school.

Students participated in five hands on workshops in their gemstone learning teams in which they got solve a crime using forensic evidence, make a telephone, fish with magnets, create slime, make a foaming dinosaur, and make some musical panpipes.

At lunchtime, students were able to buy slime, grow their own beans, and gobble up lollybags while enjoying a sausage sizzle and throwing a soapy sponge at Miss Hackney’s face.

After lunch, students were visited by a Mad Madam Mim the scientist who presented her “Air, Water and Fire show.” We have never seen anything like it!

We are proud to say we raised just under $1000, and watch this space to find out what cool and wacky science resources we buy for our school!

Miss Hackney


Book Week Book Parade

One Friday in August, Belmore South dressed up in their favourite fictional characters for the book parade. Students read books from the Premier’s Reading Challenge list and made craft in their gemstone teams.

Here are some photos from the book parade.

My Dad the Funny Man!

This term, my dad has been visiting our class on Friday mornings  to play drama games with us. He is a professional theatresports comedian. We play games which help us improvise like miming presents, clap and smile, and word by word stories. We learn how to use every silly idea in drama to make a story, and ee learnt how to use our bodies to make things like a racing car in groups without even talking!

Drama helps you with your thinking, your ideas, and your writing. It is lots of fun!

Written by Lily Knowles

Here are some pictures of us having fun with my dad!

So much food from so many countries

Our families were amazing. There was so much food that all our students and their families . . . about 500 people had heaps to eat.

Haldon Street Success!

Dance group had an amazing time walking in the street parade, and performing, at the Haldon Street Festival in Lakemba on Saturday.
We arrived early, did our makeup, and put our walking shoes on to proudly represent our school.
During the street parade we handed out books, which were donated by our school library, to children along Haldon Street in order to spread the ‘reading bug’.
Straight after the parade we headed to the main stage to perform our story dance to our wonderful community.
Thank you to all the teachers, parents and students that turned up to cheer us on! We had an amazing time and could not have done it without you.
Check out some of the highlights of our day in the gallery below…

Now we eagerly await the final results for the Wakakirri prize….keep your fingers and toes crossed!

Congratulations Big Mouth Club

Books ARE better than movies!!!

At least that’s what our debating team were able to convince the audience and adjudicator at the latest round of the Granville/Strathfield School Education Areas Debating Program competition.  This well deserved win celebrates the team’s hard work and continuing dedication as they give up their lunchtime to strengthen their skills in constructing and presenting a convincing argument.

The Big Mouth Club members are from both Stage 2 and Stage 3 where younger students are genuinely mentored and supported by their older team members. So far this year our mixed Stage teams have debated on the topics:

  • that sport is better than computer games
  • that competition is a good thing
  • that city living is better than country living
  • that electronics are ruining our social life

Congratulations to all members of the Big Mouth Club and good luck for your next debate…that animals should be kept in zoos.

Learning with literacy games

Want to work in small groups and have fun problem solving new words?

Well in reading groups today, Miss Sallis’ reading group of year 2 and 3 students had some time to play some word games after reading.

These are the two games we played:

  • Race up the ladder
  • Sight word soup

The way you play Race up the ladder is in pairs you pick up a word card and read it. If you can read the word correctly, you move your counter one rung up the ladder. Then it’s your partner’s turn. If you don’t know a word, you can’t move your counter up the ladder. First person to the top wins! If you want to make it more challenging, like our teacher did, you can have a set of word cards that go from fairly easy to tricky – that way, you really have to think when you read.

Sight word soup is a fun game – you sit in a circle in a small group and pass around a plastic bowl. In the bowl are lots of word cards from the story that you are reading. Also in the bowl are cards that have a picture of a soup bowl and the word SOUP on it. Everyone has a turn picking a word card and reading it. You keep all your cards until you pick up a ‘soup’ card – then that means you need to put ALL your cards back in the tin and you don’t win the game.

Look at the pictures of us working together and enjoying these activities.

Number Groups With Ms Hionis

Kindergarten has enjoyed learning about dot patterns and numbers with Ms Hionis during Number groups this term.

We learnt to play the dice board game.

The aim of the game is to choose six figures to represent each side of a dice on the game board.

You roll the dice. If for example you get six dots you move the figure representing six, one space along.

The person playing the game keeps rolling the dice until one of the figures has crossed the finish line. The children used mini transport figures and mini sea animals to represent each dot pattern.

This was a game the children played against themselves. This was a fun game to help the children learn the dot patterns without having to count each dot every time they rolled the dice.

Fun making fruit salad

We have been learning about fruit in Stage 1 ESL this term. What better way to learn about fruit than to see it, hold it and taste it!

We made a fruit salad this week – we needed bowls, spoons, a knife (used by the teacher only!), and a cutting board. We washed the fruit and Mrs Dennett cut up the oranges, apples and kiwi fruit. We also put grapes and strawberries into our bowls.
We ate our fruit salad and enjoyed it! Yum!

Maybe you can tell us what your favourite fruit is?

Look at the pictures of us having fun learning about fruit…