Haldon Street Success!

Dance group had an amazing time walking in the street parade, and performing, at the Haldon Street Festival in Lakemba on Saturday.
We arrived early, did our makeup, and put our walking shoes on to proudly represent our school.
During the street parade we handed out books, which were donated by our school library, to children along Haldon Street in order to spread the ‘reading bug’.
Straight after the parade we headed to the main stage to perform our story dance to our wonderful community.
Thank you to all the teachers, parents and students that turned up to cheer us on! We had an amazing time and could not have done it without you.
Check out some of the highlights of our day in the gallery below…

Now we eagerly await the final results for the Wakakirri prize….keep your fingers and toes crossed!

Congratulations Big Mouth Club

Books ARE better than movies!!!

At least that’s what our debating team were able to convince the audience and adjudicator at the latest round of the Granville/Strathfield School Education Areas Debating Program competition.  This well deserved win celebrates the team’s hard work and continuing dedication as they give up their lunchtime to strengthen their skills in constructing and presenting a convincing argument.

The Big Mouth Club members are from both Stage 2 and Stage 3 where younger students are genuinely mentored and supported by their older team members. So far this year our mixed Stage teams have debated on the topics:

  • that sport is better than computer games
  • that competition is a good thing
  • that city living is better than country living
  • that electronics are ruining our social life

Congratulations to all members of the Big Mouth Club and good luck for your next debate…that animals should be kept in zoos.

Awards in SRC Assembly

Our SRC Assemblies are in the hands of the students and the Assemblies have never been better run or the students better behaved as an audience.

The Leaders run this Assembly. It is an assembly to celebrate our students’ achievements for the fortnight.

We have awards from teachers to students in their classes both K to 2 and 3 to 6.

We have special awards for good writing.


On our sports days our teachers choose the best sportsperson in our intra class competitions.


Then there are those special awards to classes and two special people, one K to 2 and one 3 to 6,. who are “caught doing something good”.


This week our leaders also received some fancy certificates from our Federal Member of Parliament for Watson Mr Tony Burke, for recognition of their leadership within the school.


Stage 2 Flynn Assembly

Stage 2 Flynn Assembly from Gail Miller on Vimeo.

Did you miss your child’s assembly today? Sit back and enjoy these extracts.

BIG MOUTH CLUB . . . debaters with a lot to say

Big Mouth Club auditions for the 2010 Belmore South Public School debating team were held last Friday. Ms Mealing, Ms Kelly and Ms Sallis had the difficult task of selecting this year’s team.

Ms Mealing and Ms Kelly listened to each applicant’s speech, and judged their speeches based on aspects such as manner, clarity and content.

All three teachers are proud to announce the Big Mouth Club debating team for 2010. Congratulations to the following people – Diale, Maryam, Farah, Justin and Harry.

We look forward to working with such an enthusiastic and talented team of students!

Teachers working together to benchmark our students’ writing

We have a regular writing task which is undertaken by our students once a month, 8 times a year. This is our WRITE IT! Program. it is designed to improve our students’ writing skills and develop consistency of judgement from stage to stage among our teachers.

The students are supported with scaffolded expectations and their field of knowledge is developed through exposure to a variety of visual stimulus pictures and discussion appropriate for each task set.

After the task is completed our teachers rank them in stages: top, middle and bottom. They are then ranked across stages.
The class teacher in consultation with colleagues then selects the best in their class.

The Best in Class is awarded a certificate and has their writing published on the School Blog for the world to see.

The students’ evaluate their own work using an adaptation of the NAPLAN rubric. Using this information they set their goals to ensure they improve their writing when they participate in the next writing task.

Presentation Day 2009

Presentation Day was a little unusual this year, held under the COLA beside the tangle of building materials that will be our new School Hall. Hopefully it will be in use for our 2010 Presentation Day

Thanks to our special guests: The Hon. Robert Furolo Member for Lakemba and Mayor of Canterbury, Mr Les Jecklen, Mr Bruce English, Ms Debbie Lea Nguyen, Mrs Lai Vuciki and Mr Sam Nguyen, parents of school leaders and the rest of our school community.

Congratulations to all our Prizewinners and to our newly appointed School Leaders.

Good luck to all our Year 6’s who have been fine role models for the rest of the school in 2009. We wish you every success whatever path you may choose to follow

Debaters go down in Premiers Competition

in the Library

Our debaters did very well today in their debate against Beverly Hills North PS. The competition was very close with both sides performing well. Our girls presented very well, they spoke clearly and they had used their time well. Beverly Hills North had a slightly better line of thought.

This debating competition is very challenging as the debaters have an hour to prepare their debate with no teacher or adult present.

Congratulations to both teams.