Canterbury Council Sustainablity Awards – Runners Up


Our school’s sustainability projects were recognised at the recent Canterbury Council’s Annual Sustainability Awards.

Ms Dongas has been working with the SRC and the Leadership team to build and plant a Vegie Patch. We have also begun to compost and grow worms.

By next term the Vegie Patch should be  supplying lettuce and tomatoes for our school canteen.


Great Results for Wakakirri Dancers

The night is over and the results are in!

The Reading Bug received Highly Commended in Division 2 and “Most Sustainable Production” award.  An amazing result!

Here are the Head Judge Notes for our Story Dance performance.


Great to see you tackling a relevant story.  You made a clever use of the signature item with the bug on the book.


Your characters used their faces wonderfully to tell their story and push their emotions and energy out into the audience.  Staging of the opening worked well with all the games.  What a cool teacher in your performance.


Your colourful costumes looked amazing and worked well to bring your story to life.  Using the letters on the back of the shirts was a really clever idea.  Great ipad prop!


Your soundtrack matched your story cleverly and had contrasts that worked well.  The students were really enjoying the music.


You all looked like you were having an absolute blast and your energy was infectious.  Congratulations!

Way to go Dance group!

If didn’t get a chance to watch the Wakakirri performance at the Entertainment Centre, don’t worry.  You can catch the performance at the Haldon Street Festival in Lakemba on Saturday 10th September at 11am.  We look forward to seeing you there, and doing it all over again!

Rehearsing before the big night from BSPS on Vimeo.

2Warhol’s Term of Buddy’s, Sculptures and Technology

2Warhol have been practising our dance which is a Hip Hop battle. We’ve been learning new hip hop moves and getting the chance to do our own choreography. Last week was Education Week and we were lucky enough to perform in front of the whole school and lots of parents. We got a really good response from the audience who cheered and clapped really loud. Don’t worry if you missed out as we will be performing it again in week 10 so come along then!

Last term 2Warhol kids loved learning about Space and visiting the Powerhouse Museum. This term doing a unit called ‘Stage 2 Saves the World’ which is full of important stuff like sustainability, pollution and climate change. Below are some pictures of some of the ‘Space’ work we completed last term. Stay tuned for all the excellent things we will be doing in our world saving unit. Especially some photos of us on our next excursion (ssshhhhh, it is at a secret location).

In our Creative and Performing Arts sessions we have been learning about making shapes and lines with our bodies. We’ve been making ‘scupltures’ out of our arms and legs and coming up with some really great ideas. Miss Stavrou gives us a stimulus and we have to work out how to represent it with our bodies. Some of these were a knife and fork, a zig zag, a circle and lots of fun silly ones too. See if you can pick what we are trying to be.

We have been doing Information Technology in class each week and learning how to use Macbooks and PC laptops. We’ve been focusing on word processing skills, inserting tables and formatting and soon we’ll be learning how to insert our own blog posts onto the stage 2 blog site. These skills will help us in school and work for the rest of our lives.

2Warhol was really lucky to get a visit from 1Matisse in Book Week for a buddy reading experience. Both classes had heaps of fun completing activities together and the older Stage 2 kids really showed leadership skills and played excellent role models. Miss Stavrou felt proud of all of us and our behaviour with the younger students.

SRC raises money for our Vegie Patch

The Student Representative Council has as a goal for this year: the creation of a Vegie Patch.

We want to grow food for the Canteen. It will be great to have a fresh supply of vegies.

To raise Money for this the SRC ran a Mufti Day and a Lucky Dip.

The SRC had a Nintendo DS donated to them. The SRC organised a Chuppa Chup Lucky Dip.

A Gold sticker was put around a Chuppa Chup this was then mixed in with the ordinary CC’s. The winner was to be the student who pulled out the gold CC.

The SRC set up the Chuppa Chup Lucky Dip. It took to the end of Lunchtime for the Gold CC to be drawn it was so exciting!!!!

The SRC raised nearly $500 to build the Vegie Patch.

Here is the lucky winner.

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