Maths in K Franklin

We are very proud of our learning in K Franklin this week. We have been learning to combine two groups of numbers and add them to find the total! We are even starting to keep numbers in our head and count on and then we can write number sentences. We always remember to check our answers with a buddy.


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Welcome to Sage-Ville

Firstly, Miss Mignacca chose people who were sitting and reading quietly to come to one of the two tables and paint on a piece of paper using a house template. We had to paint on the opposite side so that we would use the template as a cut out for later.

The next day when the paint had dried, we needed to cut out the windows. Miss Mignacca cut out most of the windows in the house template because only a few people in the class wanted to do it themselves.

Then we cut out the house template along the lines and folded on the dotted lines.  Once we were done, we glued cellophane behind the windows and folded and glued the house together.

Finally, we put a battery candle inside and we glued the top of the house together and then we were finished!

By Lulu Knowles


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Oh the places K Bluebell will go!

K Bluebell are excitedly preparing for the art show in week 9. We are making Diwali candle holders to finish off our wonderful unit of work on Celebrations. We are also paying our respects to a wonderful Dr Seuss book called “Oh the places you will go”. We have made hot air balloons completely from scratch using paper mache and balloons. Miss Cooke has had some amazing parent helpers coming in each Tuesday afternoon to help K Bluebell complete their works of art.

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Athletics Carnival

On Tuesday, Kindy participated in their first ever athletics carnival. They were so enthusiastic and excited! Many students in K-Bluebell were even fast enough to win a place as well.

All the teachers were very proud of their students and how well they behaved!



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